1. The Japanese koto is what type of instrument? A. String B. Percussion C. Wind D. Brass?

Question by : 1. The Japanese koto is what type of instrument? A. String B. Percussion C. Wind D. Brass?
2. Opera _______ is a light, frequently comic style of opera.

A. seria
B. hysteria
C. canonica
D. buffa

3. In a sonata form selection, the theme is presented in the

A. tonic or home key.
B. harmony.
C. development.
D. recapitulation.

4. The double exposition concerto form differs from the standard sonata form in that

A. the exposition stays in the same key.
B. it includes a single exposition.
C. it has a cadenza.
D. it’s played by two pianos.

5. The last “act” of a sonata is known as the

A. rondo.
B. cadenza.
C. secondary key area.
D. recapitulation.

6. In a string quartet, the bass instrument is the

A. drum.
B. cello.
C. viola.
D. bass guitar.

7. The second section of a sonata is commonly called the

A. codetta.
B. coda.
C. recapitulation.
D. development.

8. The music of the Classical era reflects the principles of

A. the splendor of the church.
B. extravagance and unpredictability.
C. clarity and proportion.
D. ornamentation and extremes.

9. Which of the following is a long work for orchestra, usually made up of four movements?

A. Opera
B. Concerto
C. Symphony
D. Sonata

10. The first section of a sonata in which the theme is presented is commonly called the

A. prodigy.
B. allegro.
C. recap.
D. exposition.

11. Singing the alphabet song to the tune of Mozart’s “Ah, vous dirai-je, maman” is an example of

A. musical duplication.
B. plagiarism.
C. thematic variation.
D. musical appropriation.

12.. When the Italian words da capo appear at the end of a measure, the musician is being instructed to

A. play the refrain.
B. play the next part of the music quietly.
C. hold the notes for an extra three beats.
D. play the main part of the musical piece over again.

13. A courtly dance in triple meter, with the accent on the first beat of each measure, was the

A. bouree.
B. minuet.
C. rondo.
D. gavotte.

14. Which of the following is the highest voice in a string quartet?

A. Violin 1
B. Cello
C. Violin 2
D. Viola

15. Which mid-eighteenth century composer is credited with having the greatest impact on the significance of the string quartet?

A. Chopin
B. Mozart
C. Beethoven
D. Haydn

16. In an opera, the standard accompaniment for a recitative is

A. played by the orchestra.
B. a function of the string quartet.
C. sung by a soprano.
D. the basso continuo alone.

17. The opening section of a minuet is known as the

A. minuet exposition.
B. opening theme.
C. minuet proper.
D. opening idea.

18. A soloist can display his virtuosity to the fullest during the

A. cadence.
B. concerto.
C. capo.
D. cadenza.

20. Which of the following does opera buffa portray?

A. Mythological characters and stories
B. Real-life characters and situations
C. Religious characters and stories
D. Historical characters and situations

19. The _______ is an essential characteristic of the sonata form.

A. development of themes
B. absence of harmony
C. sudden crescendo
D. fluctuation of rhythm

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Answer by Soulmate
Wow i bet you spent more time typing this up than it would have taken to just do your own homework.

try posting in the homework help section if you really are too lazy to just Google these things

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