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At the New York Film Academy, we provide our acting students with as much practical film set experience as possible. Working in conjunction with the Film School programs, our students act on film sets more than at any other acting school in the world.Both our acting school and film school programs feature the production of original short films or scenes that star our acting school students.Our instructors are working veterans of Hollywood and independent film, Broadway and Off-Broadway who teach because they love to teach.

Our Acting for Film School and Film School programs work hand-in-hand to provide all of our acting and film students resources such as film equipment, live film shoots, and a network of filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, and editors that will be invaluable upon graduation and entry into the profession.We provide all of our acting school students with professionally shot and edited materials that are suitable to put on an actor’s reel, one of the primary ways that actors get work in the real world.Our comprehensive curricula offer students intensive programs that cover an extensive amount of material in a relatively short time.

This allows students to get excellent training without taking them out of the working world for an extended period.Because we understand the differences among our prospective students, the Academy has two admissions tracks for our One and Two-Year Acting for Film Programs. Whether you choose to apply through the Audition Track or the Open Enrollment Track, all admitted applicants follow an intensive curriculum designed to launch a career in film and television. Please click here to see our audition dates and locations.

Well-trained professional actors who have discipline, technique, and a working knowledge of the entire filmmaking process are rare. This is why the New York Film Academy’s Acting for Film school is on the cutting-edge of the actor-training field. In addition to full immersion in the craft of acting, we also believe that well-trained actors are made even better by understanding all of the rigors and nuances of a professional film set. Better than any other school in the world, the Acting School at the New York Film Academy is equipped to provide all of our acting students with a real-life professional filmmaking experience.

Acting schools in New York
 Actors work closely with the Film School students in class as well as in on-location short film productions. In the process, important networks are formed between screenwriters, directors, producers and editors. Unlike other acting schools, we provide all of our acting students with a basic education in a variety of filmmaking crafts: directing, producing, screenwriting, and many different crew positions. Students come away from the Acting for Film School program not only with solid acting training, but with practical filmmaking experience under their belt as well.


esigned equally for beginning actors as well as those with experience, our Acting for Film School programs provide actors with modern on-camera acting techniques plus a foundation of acting training rooted in time-honored theatrical traditions.Our instructors are all professional, working actors, writers, directors, and producers – veterans of Hollywood, independent film, television, Broadway, Off-Broadway, and regional theatre – and they give each student the personal focus and rigorous discipline necessary for launching a career in film and television.

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