advice for breaking into acting?

Question by sara l: advice for breaking into acting?
just out of high school and i have wanted to be an actress for a long time and it now or never. i was just wondering if anybody had any advice on how ot go about it….. besides the usual “enroll in acting classes”. i have very little expierience just friends short movies and extra work on 2 feature films filmed here in chicago. i was thinking of moving to LA (not nessasrily to become an actress) but it seems too cliche for my story.
as far as getting expierience goes, its nearly impossible b/c i live in a town of leass then 7,000, and none of the towns around really have anything like that

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Answer by newyorkgal71
There is a lot of work in L.A, Television, movies, soap operas. The easiest TV work for beginners, in LA and NY, is soap opera work. There are great acting classes in L.A.

If you are AFTRA mail your headshot to the soaps in LA. “Very little experience” is not going to help you. Join the Community Theater, where you live, so you can get experience.

At least you will, at some point, have roles to put on a résumé. Stay where you are and audition for the Community Theater (or volunteer with the Community Theater), make sure you have LEAD roles on your resume. If you have 2 lines, do NOT put it on your résumé. L.A. is a great city.

Go for it, but be careful. LA is a difficult/demanding city. Girls get chewed up and spit out, everyday like a used cigarette!. Casting Directors and Agents want to see years of experience on a résumé, not high school productions. Many want-to-be actresses, end up doing things that are “not always appropriate, for a young lady,” because L.A. is very expensive and one must pay the rent, as well as, pay for acting classes, buy food, clothing, pay utility bills, etc.
I went to L. A., when I was your age and I will tell you, when one is young and cute, you have every dead beat guy will stalk you like hot potato. Wanna be actresses have to beat off the guys with a stick. Trust me men in L.A. DO NOT have your acting interest in mind! Hear my words! Men in L.A. do NOT have your acting interest in mind. The men in L.A. do NOT have your acting interest in mind. They try to get girls to do “things” one would not ordinarily do – on one’s home turf.” Be warned! Los Angeles is a very difficult and demanding city. Girls your age, get chewed-up, and spit out, everyday like a used cigarette! Be careful with men that tell you they are Talent Agents, Model Scouts, Producers, etc. Please, do not believe them – too many girls end up missing.

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12 thoughts on “advice for breaking into acting?”

  1. do u have experience
    if not I would try to get into a couple of plays ect near ur home town
    good luck
    sry I couldn’t have been more help

  2. I’m looking into moving to LA myself to pursue and acting career, but after I’ve graduated from college. I’m not saying that you should get a college degree, but you do need to have means of putting food on the table. Research before you go off to a big city like LA. Try contacting people who live there and ask them what areas are the most affordable and safe to live in. If you don’t know anyone who lives there research online. Websites like can show you price ranges of apartments.

    You should also research for the best acting classes in the city. I’ve had experiences with scum bags who have taken my money and not taught me anything. So, ask around for places that offer good acting classes where you can gain a lot of knowledge. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get the best acting instructors and I know that from personal experience.

    Since you mentioned that you’re right out of college I’m assuming that you still live at home. If so, take advantage of that! Being out on your own and having your own place is not all that glamorous. Paying for rent is what keeps many great actresses working two jobs just to make rent. Make sure you have a plan before rushing into anything!

    Good luck with everything and NEVER stop dreaming.

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