Background info on a monolouge from “The Star-Spangled Girl”?

Question by : Background info on a monolouge from “The Star-Spangled Girl”?
I am doing a monologue from “The Star-Spangled Girl” in my drama class. I haven’t seen the play or the movie adaptation of it, and I can’t find it where I can read or watch it. I need some more background info on the scene that I am doing, and the characters themselves. In the monologue, Sophie is confronting Norman about his over-friendly behavior. Info that I need is along the lines of “What happened earlier in your character’s day?” and “What happened right before the scene?”. Also, I need more background about the setting: “Location (home, school, store, car, etc.)” And could someone please give more more information about Sophie herself? I need things like “Level of Education”, “Job”, “Family Info”, “Likes/Dislikes” and “Interests”. My drama teacher said that I could make up the information if I can’t find it anywhere, but it’s hard to make up information about a character when I hardly know anything about the play itself. Please help! I need to try to have all of my background info by this Friday, February 8th. Thanks 🙂
Thank you, but I’ve already looked at all of those websites. I can’t find most of the information that I need from them.

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Took 5 seconds. Lots of info.


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