Black girl acting “white”. Read this question please!?

Question by : Black girl acting “white”. Read this question please!?
I’m a 13 year old girl, and I go to an almost all black school. Everyone at my school says I act “white” because of how I speak, dress, wear my hair, and the type of music I listen to. I think this is absurd, last time I checked, you couldn’t “act” a certain color. Oh yeah, and because I’ve said that some white guys are cute, I get chastised about it. Next year, I’m going to a very diverse high school, and I’m really glad about it. Has anyone ever gone through this, how do I deal with it? I’ve lost friends because they don’t like hanging out with “non-ghetto” people, or people who actually have no problem with other races. How do I deal with this?

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Answer by Cookiesaur
Ignore them. They say like acting “white” as they say you are, is such a bad thing! It is not. They are the racist ones and trying to exclude people who acts differently. You should definitely go to another school. This might hold you back forever. You should not let anyone tell you who you want to be. Just be yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Black girl acting “white”. Read this question please!?”

  1. Don’t take it personally. They are jealous that you act and speak like an educated person. Just remember that you are better than they are. You will be successful later in life unlike them.

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