Can someone help me find a list of acting studios in Miami,FL?

Question by bgrl: Can someone help me find a list of acting studios in Miami,FL?
I have searched online for “acting studios or classes”, but continue receiving the same (13) results or so. Most of the studios I find on the yellow pages are for children. If you’ve had any luck finding a list of good studios I would appreciate any leads to it. I’ve never had a hard time finding acting studios in a city such as Miami….so this is pretty weird…Thanks for reading my plea!

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Answer by newyorkgal71
Call the Theater Department of the Universities and ask them for names of Acting Studioes in Miami.

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15 thoughts on “Can someone help me find a list of acting studios in Miami,FL?”

  1. I played a princess in a Greek tragedy that got murdered by her older brother. Got gagged with a strip of cloth and a sac forced over my head then dragged of the stage screaming and begging for mercy. i know right? pretty intense.

  2. When I was 8 or 9 I played a little island girl in a school play, I had no real lines of my own really and when I was 11 or 12 I played Little Bow Peep in a play, I was on stage every now and again looking for my sheep, I also ha half a page of script haha! 😛

  3. im a very decent actor nd one day when i graduate high skool i want to go to juliard, but its alwase gud to have a plan b mine is to become a tattoo artist

  4. Never taken drama/acting classes, which is odd because I used to aspire to be an actress. I was in a Christmas play in kindergarten, as an angel. I fell off the stage and hit my head. Annnnnnnd, in 10th grade, my vocal music class did a small scale production of The Beat Goes On, for the duration of which I remained on the stage.

  5. I was in a play for my drama class. It was about how serious bullying is in high schools in particular (but generally just in schools) and being part of the chorus, I was one of the most guilty. In the end of the play, a character committed suicide… This was a wake up call for all of the characters. The ending quote was “Sticks and stone may break my bones… But words…”

  6. I’ve been in 3. 1 in my primary school as a like leader mouse and then other 2 in secondary school in yr 9 as a school girl same age as I was then (14) then a canteen friend worker person for the 2 secondary school plays I was 14 and for my primary school play I duno.

  7. ive played a blind pilot, random people in a play that my class wrote about teenage issues, ive performed in Blackrock as Cherie, other school productions, played Mrs Darbus from High School Musical, played a few shakespeare characters, performed in an opera, and is about to perform in another musical which my class and I wrote and in this one i play a woman who has lost her memory and her family in a fire and other problems, is now in a mental insitute with other strange characters 🙂

  8. i was in fools as mishkin in grease i was eugene a random greaser and a voice of a scientist and in white christmas i was a back up dancer for a few scenes and i played the part of mike. ah memories

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