Do I have a future or am I just overreacting?

Question by : Do I have a future or am I just overreacting?
Hello, for the past two years of high school, I have been getting great grades. My grades ranged from very high B’s (88-89) to A’s (95s) in all my classes. I was also in all honors. However, from the start of Junior year I have noticed a sharp decline in my grades (I am still in all honors, but I have one AP class). I am currently on the brink of failing math (I’m at a 68 average). I am also unsure about how my grade will turn out in AP US History (before at a 72 but now at an 82)… In history I’m improving drastically, but I think it’s just because these past chapters have been very easy. However, I am unsure if I will stay improving in the future. One other class is also improving, but is still pretty low. All my other classes are in the high B’s range. My SAT scores are also just average, not above at all (at a 1600). Also, all of my midterm grades are in the C range, except math, which I completely failed. I just wanted to know if, considering almost failing math, having two other classes in the C range, and having only an average SAT score, I will still be able to be accepted to a good college.

ALSO, do colleges look at the raw grade more or do they look at rather or not a certain grade is improving? Say, if I had a D in math, but it’s now a C, will colleges look at that and say, “it’s improving” or will they say “it’s still a C, which is a bad grade.” Also, my grades in some classes that I have been doing well in are decreasing while the grades in the classes I have been doing poorly in are increasing. Is that bad? Will colleges look at the decreasing grades as negative, even if my other classes are showing improvement?

Many of you who will read this might think that I’m just over-reacting and that I’m just a drama queen because my grades aren’t that bad at all, but know that I grew up in a family that would constantly bombard me about grades. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “if you don’t get good grades (aka A’s or high B’s) in school you will have NO future and will NOT go to college.” I’ve heard this so many times that it’s been ETCHED into my brain. Right now, I’m not getting high B’s and A’s and I cannot help but live according to this phrase I’ve heard so many times. It is literally driving me insane and I am becoming depressed at such a young age.

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Answer by John “Redleg”
Your not over reacting but your confusing the issue. The issue is you need to forget SAT scores and other grade distractions. If not this will leave you in decisive about yourself. What do do ? Your stepping up to a higher grade let this not Intimidate you. Yes it will take more effort on your part you did expect that right? Right now your off balance you can fix this with taking notes in class and studying for at least two hours at home per night. This may not be necessary school year round only until you get your self confidence back and feel more in control of your new grade environment.

You say you see some improvements your heading in the right direction. Just forget about all this other clutter at the end of the year your GPA will speak for you.

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