Do you detest people who act “cool” in the realm of middle/high school?

Question by Joko: Do you detest people who act “cool” in the realm of middle/high school?
I am indeed astonished at how people can act “gangster”. If that is your legitimate personality that you have grown up with, and no one seems bothered with it, I respect you. However, the ones I am criticizing are those who act cool just so they can enter the fictional sociological class of “popularity”, as it is known in Middle/High School.

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Answer by sakurabi456
me too its sad people will do anything to get in with popular crowd

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20 thoughts on “Do you detest people who act “cool” in the realm of middle/high school?”

  1. I think it’s very childish to act cool. Now, I’ve met some genuinely cool, bada** people. But my definition of cool is not “gangster”. I think someone is cool when you find you can’t say one bad thing about them. Or they always have something funny to say. So yes, “acting cool” is stupid. It makes you look like a moron. But being a genuinely “cool” person by nature….well, you can’t help that, haha.

  2. I just think it’s funny what kids think is important in life.
    I’m a senior in high school now. And I accepted years ago that this “popularity” and stereotyping crap really doesn’t actually mean anything at all.

  3. Yes I do Joko. All the cool people are football players and their slutty girlfriends.
    It sucks. I’m constantly ridiculed because I’m a Vegan.My girlfriend is mocked because she’s a virgin.
    Get this: My best friend id mocked because they say he’s TOO SMART! What?! How is that a bad thing??

  4. I don’t really care what people do. As long as they don’t interfere with my life in any way then they can do whatever they want for all i care…

  5. Yes I do. Acting “gangstah” in high-school is not only stupid but shows how little these people know of the real world. They’re not gangsters. They’re just wanna-be gangsters. Piece of advice; leave them alone, study hard in high school, have fun in ways you can and then get out in the real world to get rich.

  6. No that’s not the kind of person I am. If they’re acting like an idiot it’s their own fault and everyone knows it. Once they reach a certain age they’ll realize it and look back and think “wow how could anyone have possibly liked me.” This is the cycle of life.

  7. Well there are some people who really do have that personality haha some kids I know are like that and they’re perfectly fine with me to 🙂

    However the next year’s Sophomores at the public school are actually a big problem, so are the guys. All they do is drink and think that they’re stoners hahahahaha. Its not “gangster” its just being slutty cus those girls have, lets just say issues (to be nice). But no, being a slut or being just a jerky guy isn’t cool at all. It doesn’t bother me tho cus I know that they know what they’re doing and they have to live with it later.

    That’s like with me, I basically have the “personality” of a stoner… (chill, kinda quiet most of the time, liberal, not really religious) and people get the wrong idea from that seeing as I haven’t smoked weed… I’m around people who do but not when they do, I’ve listened to reggae since I was a kid, I’ve always liked the peaceful side… So obviously some of that culture is gonna seep into my personality and I like it plus there’s nothing I could do about it, that would mean I’d be acting fake.

  8. In my school, everybody is like this (i could say myself the same), but its how we grew up. Our school is in a very ghetto place, and this is how we grew up, from our society’

    theres not really any strugle or clash of “popularity” our school is very laid back, youve got your friends and thats whom your known by. (it could get boring sometimes tho -,- )

  9. saw carly bawden as swallow in whistle down the wind. shes incredible. I’m hoping to study musical theatre after i finish my diploma in journalism. dont know where yet though. I’m only 19 and i live in ireland so i’m not sure if i want to go to the uk yet.

  10. Hope I’m in the Class of 2012. Would love to be a student of Guilford.
    Waiting to hear back at the moment.
    The suspense is killing me.

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