Don’t you just hate kids in school that try to be “cool”?

Question by : Don’t you just hate kids in school that try to be “cool”?
Why do kids try to be cool? Whats so great about it? What do you get out of it?

The kids at my school who try to act “cool”, all they do is talk about $ [E[X], have their undies hangin down, and pick on people.

How lame is that?
I’m sick of these people.

Who else has people like this in their school or neighborhood?
@Domino, I know, they just make themselves more retarded by trying to act cool.
Everyone, has some really good opinions.
I want to hear more!
@Somebody Lalala, Now thats what I mean!!!!

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Answer by ConverseManiac(;
ME! :[ finally someone who gets my matter. I think these people are stupid. I really want to pull down their trousers and laugh at them. If they want to show their undies.. might as well not wear trousers init. 😐
And yes yes.. they smoke.. ruin their lives. They get girls and mess around with them. It’s just stupid. I’d rather be uncool and pass my GCSE’s or whatever. Usually its girls who worry about how they look but I guess things have changed and boys are doing these things too.
I am not as popular as others. Basically, i am not popular at all. But i dont give a f*ck because at the end of the day, i go to school to learn.. not to be bullied by people who dont care about their educations. I get made fun out of, but if i dont care, then they should stop because they are practically wasting their time.!

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