Help a blockade is in the way of me becoming an Actress!!!?

Question by : Help a blockade is in the way of me becoming an Actress!!!?
My parents wont let me go to classes for acting and i really want to film act or at least have some experience before hand. I am 12 right now! I told my parents about this but they always say when u are done with college you go to an acting school you dont NEED experience! That is why there is an “acting” school to teach you. But i keep telling them I need basic training and at least some experience but they say who said that? i jst said tht it is required and they say no. I really want to be a film actress/actress but i know i need training but my parents dot think i am correct they jst think i will jst get in and poof i am performing on stage. Any Tips or websites that explain these tip of things, i just need my parents to get me into an acting school but they say after college. Tips Websites anything that could help my parents understand! Thxs if it helps i live in SF,CA. Also include wht i should be doing at the age of 12 in order to be a film actress, our school doesnt have drama class and we dont hve skool plays for some reason, we hve a stage but it is lyk a storage area for chairs.

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Answer by Cogito
Well, you’re right and your parents are wrong on this one.
I’m the mother of an actor, and although I knew nothing about the business a few years ago, I certainly do now, and have seen for myself how it all works.

Drama schools are there to teach acting, sure, but they’re the equivalent to universities.
You wouldn’t expect to get a uni place to study medicine if you hadn’t already passes loads of exams in all the sciences first, would you?

To get a place at a drama school they would expect you to have taken school or independent classes for many years, and have quite a lot of experience doing school plays. Thousands of kids apply to these schools every year, and most of them will have been at classes and getting experience for many years, some since they were about 6. And they’re the ones who will get places – they don’t want total beginners.

As your school doesn’t offer anything you’d need to find a good stage school or acting group which performs plays and shows on a regular basis. Most towns have such things, and joining would be a really good idea.
But you definitely will need to get at least a few years of attending a good acting class to learn the basics between now and leaving high school.
And all actors have to be versatile – don’t say that you just want to ‘film act’. You’ll have to learn stage acting first, and once you’re trained would have to be ready to act on TV, commercials, movies, stage plays, educational stuff, corporate training – anything you can get.
Most actors only ever get 2 or 3 weeks’ paid acting work a year, so they wouldn’t ever turn down a good role, no matter where it was!

And that’s why you should work really hard at school and get plenty of qualifications. You’ll need a second ordinary job which you can do self-employed or free-lance to earn enough money to live on.
Talk to your parents – I hope they’ll understand now.
Good luck!

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