How can I get into an acting agency?

Question by : How can I get into an acting agency?
Hi. So I’m gunna start of by saying that I know I sound childish and inexperienced, which I’m not gunna argue that I’m not. I hate how I sound. But legit answers that answer my question fully are really helpful.

Okay, so I’m a 13 year old girl living in NYC. I’m passionate on becoming an actress. I’ve done more than enough research on this for over 5 years as I’ve always wanted to do this. Still there are questions unanswered…which is why I’m here. I know that websites like aren’t the way to go because they’re scams, I know that you shouldn’t have to pay a ton of money upfront to get into an agency, and I know you need to have plenty of experience to get into an agency.

I’ve done lots of research and have decided that the agency I’m most interested in is Carson Adler Agency.

Research tells me that you need to have a TON of experience, how can I gain this experience? How can I get roles in commercials, short films, etc. without an agent?

Nextly, I heard that you have to attend “difficult acting schools” as apose to your regular public school. Is this honestly necessary? (I know how immature this is going to sound, but…) Did any of the stars we see on Disney and Nick, Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Miranda Cosgrove, attend them?

Thanks. Please help me on my dream!
I do have a little modeling experience, am taking voice lessons, take acting classes, and participate in hiphop dance lessons.
I do have a little modeling experience, am taking voice lessons, take acting classes, and participate in hiphop dance lessons.
I have sang on stage before and do participate in many other sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, etc.

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Answer by Jocelyn Sahagun
Ok so experience does not necessarily mean Acting jobs Just do a bunch of classes for acting (or if you want to get into modeling then modeling). NO, NO, NO, NO…. NO! You do NOT have to take expensive acting classes. When agencies look at resumes they look for the talent with MOST EXPERIENCE NOT most EXPENSIVE experience! You just need a bunch of acting experience. Also Put your resume together properly. Ask an acting coach/teacher if you need help 🙂 Hope I helped.

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4 thoughts on “How can I get into an acting agency?”

  1. You do not need to take difficult acting classes, they’re all the same, some are owned by bigger names. the goals of all of them are to help you in acting, to make you a better actor and be involved with acting, you do not need a super expensive one, and to answer your question about that, I would say selena gomez, nick jonas, bella.etc did some sort of acting class, selena got lucky with a roll on barney, and the most likely took them, the rest started somewhere.

    Also let me say this – you do NOT need to have an agent, the basics of an agent is that they help spread your name and find you auditions, if you have amazing acting skills, you will get noticed, they just aid in the process, if you want the aid in the process, you need to work up a resume, agents wont just pick up anyone, they need to stand out to them, start with local films, drama club, high school plays, even new companies have open auditions for tv commericals. once you get a nice amount of work, you should get a headshot, it doesnt need to be a $ 500 professional headshot with makeup artists, you can find a local photographer, who will most likely also know to to properly re-color and edit photos for much cheaper, and its the same.

    Also since you metioned those Disney Channel stars, I assume you want acting as a career or fame gateway, that is very difficult, not everyone whos an actor becomes famous, its possible if you try though, you need to get involved, its like, someone who never played baseball will most likely not become a pro baseball player, they went though t-ball, minors,little league,etc, you work your way up.

  2. You are not getting into any agency if you don’t have a few years of actual acting experience. That means leading roles in school plays, church group plays (if you are religious), drama club, acting camp, youth theatre companies, etc. You need this experience before any agency is going to look at you. And in NY you should plan on auditioning for the LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts or one of the other performing arts high schools. There will be agents attending most of these schools’ performances

  3. Well, I recently looked on google for auditions. They did call back and they needed to make sure my mom new I signed up. They also said I needed to bring 3 photos of myself with me.Yes I am fat. But I am beautiful when I try to be. I only signed up because I want to show everybody that fat people can be famous too. Honestly I’m not even in it for the money. I just love to act. But when I signed up it didn’t mention that I had to have experience. But I had a little bit of experience in school plays.

  4. What i dont get this. i thought this video was going to give me a list of Film Schools in LA?
    I went to the link provided and it didnt work?

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