How do you prepare for an acting audition?

Question by : How do you prepare for an acting audition?
Am joining a acting school and they have told me to give an audition for 3 minutes of my choice and then they will ask me to perform something that they want me to. I need to know how do you get a script, how do you practice that script and how can one perform what is said by the interviewers on the spot?

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Answer by Loni Mbele
have a memorized monologue prepared that showcases your strenght and versatility. the dont forget to warm up. try out saying different phrases and sentences as different characters. And use the internet!!! go on youtube!!! and get inspirations from charcters you have seen that you know you can play.

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  1. The best thing to wear to a casting call is jus something u feel comforatable in, because if your not comfortable then your audition may feel ackward and when you feel awkward you look ackward so just dress casual it bring better results

  2. DO NOT DRESS THE ROLE!!! The casting directors will think you are too desperate and don’t wear jeans or t shirts they are too casual.

  3. hi i’m actually talking about what u said about the red shoes, maybe they did remember u but still you dont want to wear something that might distracted them and even u from the acting, because it is all about u and not what you wear

  4. @YoYoYoitsssLiz you are rite…but most of all come as yourself dress the way you feel comfortable in and always be confident. we only live once

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