How is my story so far?

Question by : How is my story so far?
Elisha took a sip from her coke, staring into Maris’s worried eyes. She sighed, placing the glass firmly onto the table. She thought Maris was a sniveling little bitch who needed to be taught a lesson or two. Reese had arranged for them all to meet at Buddy’s casual restaurant for an “intervention”. Whatever that was. Elisha didn’t think they needed to intervene anything. Holly made a mistake, what was done was done. Sitting next to her, Courtney glared at Maris remorselessly. She clearly was glad to have known that she had made Maris cried.

“Why am I even here?” mumbled Savannah, playing with her salad with a silver fork.
It wasn’t Savannah’s place to be there. She had know idea why Reese had invited her along. She didn’t see how she managed to get involved with Maris’s drama. She suddenly realized it wasn’t so fun to be popular. There was too much drama.
“I’ll take that.” Andy said friendlily, taking several menus from a young waiter who looked to be in college. “How are you, by the way?”
“I’m fine.” the waiter smiled. “My day went pretty well. Except that I had so many shifts from the past week.”
“Dude, I know what you mean.” Andy agreed.
“No, you don’t.” muttered Maris as the waiter left.
Andy looked at her. “I’m not the one with my face on a donkey.”
“Shut up, Andy.” groaned Reese. “You’re just as bad as Holly and Courtney.”
“Yeah, you’re just instigating it.” joined Palma. “You get pleasure out of other people’s shit.”
“Because he’s getting off on me being humiliated by girls.” huffed Maris, shooting him a deadly glace.

Andy slid over to Maris, trying to put an arm around her shoulder. She shoved him away.
“See that’s why we’re pissed at you.” explained Courtney, shooting Andy a pitying look. “Doing acts like that. You better be lucky we love you.”
Elisha sighed. Courtney was right. She thought that Maris was acting insane. Crying over Lucas, insulting girls on honest boxes, snapping off at other people, and throwing temper tantrums. If Courtney and Holly weren’t going to do something, Maris wouldn’t stop.
Suddenly, Maris burst into tears. Several people sitting at a table stared at her.
“Why would you do this!?” she whined.
“Look you sniveling bitch—” Courtney started to say, but was interrupted by Palma.
“That’s enough Courtney! I thought we were having an intervention, not a screaming match.”
Everyone was taken aback by Palma’s bluntness. She’s never raised her voice before. Elisha had new respect for her.

Courtney rolled her eyes, slumping into her seat. When the waiter came around with their drinks, they were all ready to order. Elisha watched Andy make jokes with the waiter as he was telling them the special. From the corner of her eye, Maris watched him with displeasure.
After everyone had ordered, Maris turned to Andy. “Must you make friends with every waiter we meet?”
Andy knitted his eyebrows. “Yes?”
She growled lowly. “We’re hear to order and eat, not make friends with people we will never see again.”
“I just feel it’s polite to say hi once in a while.”
“I just don’t like how waiters always get involved with their customers. It’s annoying.”
“Well, Maris, unlike you, I’m friendly.”
“You’re so damn annoying!”
“Let’s face it, Mare, the waiter’s job sucks! I’m just trying to make his day a little bit more exciting.”
“Yeah, Andy, you really touched that guy.”

Elisha laughed. Andy and Maris’s bickering was the highlight of the night. Reese’s little “intervention” didn’t seem to have been solving anything. It was only making things worse.

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Answer by ♥Sonya♥
Great story and excellent humor and wit. I’d read this. It’s going brilliant so far.

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  1. It’s WONDERFUL.
    I mean, it sounds like a chapter in an actual, published book.
    *tries to think of a critique*… I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

  2. This is a really good k-drama

    But anyone know of any k-dramas where the girl doesnt annoy tf out of the guy- whos obviously out of her league- until he likes her?

    Except for dream high :3 MILKY COUPLE-3

  3. she’s cute but I don’t want to say ugly case it;s a harsh word so, she pretty. Beside, God never made anyone to be ugly.

  4. First Kdrama I ever watched. It changed me alot, and I’ll never forget it <3
    Im studying hard myself to impress the smartest guy in my class. My crush is korean and too perfect... :(( Why am I in love with a guy like Seung jo?!!

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