I’ve been isolated from social activities for after school so much, I’ve just been “used” to thing’s…?

Question by : I’ve been isolated from social activities for after school so much, I’ve just been “used” to thing’s…?
and don’t expect much out of anything. It’s kinda long, so skim through it if you want.

My parents(Who were raised in Vietnam, I was raised here my 14 years of course) kept me and my siblings at home since we were little. I resorted to playing on the computer, ending up researching alot of thing’s a 7 year old shouldn’t know about, but also pretty much helped me decide on what major I wanted to do, while my siblings either watched TV or played on the computer like I did(Though they’ve only played stupid games like cartoonnetwork)

Anyway, I’ve never really made any close friend’s at school, and even if I did, it wouldn’t have mattered to me due to me being raised in a predominantly african american neighborhood(My parents are both Vietnamese, and because they were raised to believe this way, they tend to think bad thing’s about african american’s the most out of other races) I didn’t get to go over to any “friends” house’s, or got to hanged out with them anywhere else due to my parent’s fear I would and I quote “Get kidnapped, meat cut off, and eaten”.

So because of that, I’ve pretty much stayed at home with my two sibling’s, doing nothing but surfing on the internet, listening to random artists/covers, or watching TV. It suck’s, and not only affects my belief of “It won’t get better until college” but also affects the way I behave at school. At school, I’m normally quiet, respectful, pretty much introverted unless I’m having fun(In which I act like I do when I’m away from school, which is happy, relaxed, blunt but not too blunt) otherwise though, I’m mostly tired and bored whenever I’m at school, my eyes feel heavy, and they don’t pick up unless there’s any fun, or the wind hits it.

I don’t smile at all in school, just give off a bored look, and the “friends” I’ve had before all moved on. It’s kinda awkward and saddening seeing all of these happy relationships. Despite the fact I think the friendships are all too goofy, kinda ghetto, and immature for my tastes, the fact that everyone’s having fun, especially my cousin(Same race, Mom raised in Vietnam as well, her daughter raised in the US like me) it puts me off, but my life’s been on the computer so much I just believe none of this will change unless I go to college or something since my parent’s(Mom) basically “controls” my life, telling me what to wear, giving bowls filled to the top of Vietnamese food to eat, etc.

I guess my question in actuality here, would be, would how I act be affected when I get into college? I mean, being in a new more diverse open-minded environment, free from the restraints of my parents, not having to deal with any immaturity and racism of high school students(To a point), and pretty much acting how I do at home(Again to a reasonable point) will I actually be able to finally be “free” and live the life I actually dreamt of since I was little?(Having actually close bestfriends, dating, hanging out, basically years of school over again done the right way.)

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Yes you will be free and you will start dating regardless. And your considered an adult once you 18 and be aware that when your in college your gonna be invited to many different events. And you will have friends especially 1 that you can consider a best friend.

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