Johnny Depp vs old school actors?

Question by : Johnny Depp vs old school actors?
Old school oactors-Richard Gere,Harrison Ford,Anthony Hopkins,Robert de Niro,Al Pacino,
Some peoples says that Depp is most talented actor ever,yes he is talented but,now Im asking You,is He more talented than this “Old school” acting masters?

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Answer by Robert C
I admit he is a very good actor but
Depp is just flavor of the week

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2 thoughts on “Johnny Depp vs old school actors?”

  1. Robert C,
    it’s been two decades now that he’s been “flavor of the week”.

    I would say he is better than Richard Gere, yes. Better than Harrison Ford on some movies. Anthony Hopkins, Robert de Niro and Al Pacino are better than Depp BUT they’ve been on the scene much longer, have much more experience and have longer careers, therefore have done more great movies. We’ll need to compare again when Depp’s career has been as long as theirs.

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