Losing grip on what reality really is and fearing the possible “oo yeah, we all did that”.?

Question by Jason: Losing grip on what reality really is and fearing the possible “oo yeah, we all did that”.?
Not going to include any of the .com’s but you can figure out the sites.
I ran into this site called daredorm. Realized there are others like it, collegerules, mygf and so many others.

I am in the same age group as the people in these videos. 22 year old male. I am in college and led a fairly dull one. Never joined a frat and didn’t go to many parties.

I now have this pervasive belief that all these guys in fraternities and are out partying are having 2-3 girls pleasure them.

Scenarios pop into my head constantly. I even had a dream. Not only in the dream was A girl I met when I started college and had a major attraction for was with my brother, she and her friend were pleasuring him (nothing graphic, just the belief) for no reason but “meh we were drunk”.

It’s not even the physical act that enters my mind, it’s this thought that all the guys around me… all my peers are being pleasured by 2-3 women and these women are doing it “because we were drunk” or “meh it was fun”.

I am viscerally fearful that I will one day be told, “oo yeah, we all did that, you went to college, you didn’t?”.

I have low self esteem and am shy. This is not just a “now that I am in college” belief, but I had these thoughts that guys were having meaningless threesomes with hot girls in highschool. I see a psychologist weekly and know I have negative thought patterns, but this one is resulting in a noticeable visceral response. Every time I see a guy on campus, scenarios pop into my head with groups of random hot girls pleasuring the guy with no restraint.

This is not my typical low self esteem or jealousy, this is a pervasive fear that one day, somebody will tell me “oo yeah everybody did that” and I will end up shut down thinking “god damn the world passed me by, I seriously missed out”.

Like I said, ive had negative thought patterns all my life. I have been working on treating them with strong evaluations. Proving to myself something is or isn’t. I can’t do that with this, as everything I see, points to the nauseating idea that every guy but me is enjoying this, my little brother is being pleasured by not only a girl I have had a crush on, but also 1 – 2 of her hot friends. Not only that, but my brother goes to a college 7 hours away, yet the idea that what if I find out one day, “oo yeah I ran into her at a bar, she and her friend took me into the bathroom, it was fun, everybody was doing it”. It’s physically debilitating and I am completely lost on what to do.

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Answer by Mike
I’m sorry, but I could only read half of your question. Trust me–there might be a FEW out there that’s happened to, but SURELY not the majority.

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