Q&A: Anybody heard of a College called “Theatre of Arts”?

Question by gwheey94: Anybody heard of a College called “Theatre of Arts”?
I was looking for acting for film colleges the other day and I came across a college in Hollywood called: “Theatre of Arts-Multimedia School of Acting” Has anyone heard of it before? I typed in the name of the school in a search engine and it could not find it but I typed in the website and it found the school! Weird!

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Answer by Danny
Yes. It’s located in Hollywood, California. I heard that it’s the best acting school.

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Welcome to the Jon Hamm School of Acting. If you can lift your eyebrows up and down with every line of dialogue you speak, you’re on your way to Hollywood.

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  1. this is part of the reason why he’s so charming, he shows a lot of emotion in his face when he speaks…. and he’s crazy gorgeous… that helps him to be charming also.

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