Q&A: college “friends” questions? (please help)?

Question by runwithme.: college “friends” questions? (please help)?
Sorry this is long, but if you could help me I’d really really appreciate it.

There’s three people I know in college
who seem to like messing with my head.
In first semester I was friends with them, but after multiple rude acts from them and after feeling as if I were just being used, I stopped associating with them.

Now that second semester came along, two of them are in my class, and the other one I see a lot in the halls.
My college doesn’t have many people, and so I didn’t want to form any bad relationships here, but it happened and now I’m unsure of how to deal with it.

It really bothers me because they will act nice to my face, but it’s quite obvious that they viciously talk behind my back. Actually, they’ll have no problem talking about me even when I’m in the same room in a loud voice. They speak a different language, but they’ll throw my name in their a couple of times and the tone in their voice is definitely one of hatred.
I don’t really care if they say negative things about me since it’s just their opinions, but what I don’t like is how they will go on to act nice to my face as if they think I’m stupid enough to fall for that act again, and as if they can use me again.

I only talk to them when they talk to me, and I will try to be polite,
but it’s really really bothering me how they do this, when all I want to do is work hard in school, reach my goal, be able to give back to my parents, and have a nice environment where I can work together with other students.

And I even have proof that they are doing this, and that it isn’t just in my head because one of the person even said: “You know, our race (the three of these people I’m talking about is all not American, and is of a certain race) is good at psychologically manipulating people.”

What the f.

I should also mention that I don’t have many friends in school because I am kind of quiet…
although I don’t mind working alone,
but this whole thing is hindering me from being who I want to be because it’s making me feel negative all the time-which affects my relations with other people.

I need help.
Any wise advice would be appreciated,
and I do choose best answers.
Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry that this is such an immature problem,
but if you could help me deal with it maturely I would be very thankful.

Best answer:

Answer by puccapucca<3
As a college student, just focus on your studies. It’s not high school anymore, and you’ll risk nothing by not associating with them. Keep doing what you’re doing, there are nasty people out there and you know it. If they do anything physical, report it. They are not kids. If it is psychological, you have the power of defending yourself- don’t pay attention to them. They are not yours to worry about.

Good luck.

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  1. I would say to do your best to ignore them, but I understand that can be hard. It might be nice to talk to someone at your school who’s an upperclassman, ie a good friend or an RA, about your problem. In knowing you, they’ll be able to help advise as to what the best solution is for you. Best of luck.

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