Q&A: How do I become an actor, like a big actor?

Question by Livng my life to the Fullest: How do I become an actor, like a big actor?
Okay, before you think I’m just some childish teen with totally foolish goals in life, please let me explain.

I was in the guidance counselor’s office the other day planning out the rest of my courses for eleventh and twelfth grade. Her first question was “What do you want to do after High School?”

I responded with the generic “I want to go to college…”

She kind of laughed and said “Well of course. But what do you want to do? What kind of person do you want to be? Where do you see yourself in ten, fifteen, twenty years?” And other stuff like that.

I was thinking “Ummm. Wow”. I responded “Well, my dad wants me to go to a nice college and do something in the like him. He thinks I would enjoy it a lot.” Because well… that is kind of what I thought I was going to do.

Then she said “What do you want to do?”

So I said, “Well… he thinks. I have no clue what I want to do with my life.”

Truthfully… Waking up at 5, be at work at 9, leave at 5, and try to get back to my depressingly, boring suburban life after going through an hour on nonsensical traffic that consists majorly of the same kind of people… that’s not what I want to do.

I don’t even think I want to go college.

When I was a little kid I would put on little skits for some of my immediate family. My grandma would usually tell me some kind of story (like children’s stories) and she would make me some silly costume and I would put on a show. That stopped at around eight. Upon entering Junior high I got really involved with the whole Drama thing. I still am in High School. I always kind of thought, hey this is fun.

But now that I look at it and watch movies, I see that I really, really enjoy acting. I love playing somebody else. Immersing myself into the character’s life and just becoming them. I totally put myself into it and whilst doing it I utterly enjoy it…it’s like the greatest feeling in the world to act.

So I’m just wondering how do I get into this business? I can’t just hop on a greyhound bus, go to LA, and be a waiter while trying out for roles can I? I haven’t really looked into this, so I’m really uniformed and a total newb. I really, honestly believe this is what I want to do. I don’t want to become another lame, mindless zombie who is completely unhappy.

It would nice to BE SOMEBODY, but maybe I won’t. Just doing what I want to is good enough for me, being able to enjoy what I do. It sounds really good. If I don’t become a bazillionaire, with a big house, nice cars, and a million dollar wardrobe, fine. But it would be nice.

What road to actors travel on to become who they are?

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Answer by Johnny Relentless
Uh, why would you get up at 5AM for a 9AM job? If you do, that’s your choice. Are you planning on living 300 miles from your job?

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: How do I become an actor, like a big actor?”

  1. How about this:

    Go to college, major in whatever your dad wants you to. While in college, join the drama club or whatever they call it and sink yourself into it, learning all the ropes (you may find you like directing more, for example). This will give you a taste of what acting is all about. It also gives you a resume so that if you like acting, you can point to productions you have been in, even at the Rep level.

    Next, while you are doing that, talk to the adviser – usually, they have some contacts somewhere in the industry. See if you can use these contacts to get small parts in commercials or if a TV show or movie comes to the area to film. These pay money, get put on your resume and help out. If you think you have a good voice, try looking for commercial voice-over work also – again, it is money and something you can always fall back on if acting jobs dry up.

    Now, after doing this for four years, you will have 2 things – experience in theatre/acting which can be used to further that career and a degree that you can always fall back on if the acting thing does not work out. Now is the tough part – you need an agent. Put together a portfolio and resume/CV and start shopping it. Again, use the contacts you have hopefully built up doing college drama/theatre.

    Becoming a big actor is hit or miss – who knows whop the next big star is going to be – if you look at the cast of American Graffiti, the big star was supposed to be Paul le Mat, however, the movie helped make big stars of Ronnie Howard, Cindy Williams, Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfus and to a lesser extent McKenzie Philips and Candy Clark while Paul’s career didn’t exactly take off.

    You might even make a deal with your dad that now that you have your degree and also the acting bug, you want to take a few years to see if you can make it in acting because it is really something you want to do and if you don’t try, you will always wonder if you could have succeeded. Point out that you have your degree to fall back on. And if you really want to play dirty, ask your dad if there was anything in his life he regrets not doing and then tell him this is how you would feel if you didn’t try.

    Good luck on your chosen career path.

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