Q&A: How do I get into acting?

Question by miss.kklolttyl8r: How do I get into acting?
I am 11, and I REALLY wanna get into acting! My friends think I would be GREAT at it! I live in Miami, there have been a lot of things on the radio like “Do u wanna be the nxt Miley Cyrus, or Zack Efron! come to blah-blah-blah this saturday!” and other things! But ive been to 1, and u have to pay just to get in! And the nxt day they called my mom and were like “Ur daughter was really good but she could use a lil help, and we have acting classes!” But they were like $ 3,000!!! So everytime I hear 1 and i wanna call my parents wont let me cause they say its a scam!!! Help!!! Any free ones in Miami!?!?!?!

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Answer by Knowledge seeker
Have to take acting class at local theaters around you. it may seem odd but it gives you more experience and it will look great on your resume 9relating to number 4 )
You should join local productions around you. The more plays the better!
When you have some background of about 5-6 months you should make a resume. A resume is were you have your picture and the data about you (age, weight, height, etc….) The resume will also consist of your background in acting.
You should go to a professional and get your headshots done for acting which will be on your resume.
When your resume is done you should join acting websites such as exploretalent.com or any you can find. They will give it out to producers.
Soon Producers will look at your resume and will like you and will call you or contact you.
Soon later if you start to get movies and get leads you sould seriously think about getting an agent!

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One thought on “Q&A: How do I get into acting?”

  1. Honestly, it is a scam… I’m so sorry but you should wait till your a little older to actually get into acting. But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dream or that you should forget about it. Volunteer for musicals and plays in your neighborhood or at your school. And if there aren’t any, give a suggestion to your principal about it, that’s how I became the Annie in my school production and how I am being given acting offers all over my state and I think I am coming close to getting to NY 🙂
    Always believe in yourself and your dreams, because your never too young to be who you wanna be 🙂 Just remember to PAP:: Practice And Pray 🙂

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