Q&A: How do I put up with this STUPID friend? (sorry it’s long)?

Question by : How do I put up with this STUPID friend? (sorry it’s long)?
I don’t really want to not be friends with her anymore, but because of the way she is, the only way that will happen is if we have a really huge fight, and I just don’t need all that drama. But seriously, she is soooo annoying. First off, she’s extremely bossy. She tells me how to wear my make up, what clothes to wear, who to hang out with, etc. and when I don’t listen, she gets mad, or says stuff like “You would have looked better if you did your eyeliner the way I said to.”
She calls me a nerd because I don’t say rude stuff to my teacher.
I get that not everyone agrees with stuff, it’s cool, but whenever we don’t see eye to eye, she DOESN’T let it go. She is so stubborn, and just thinks she is ALWAYS right, and won’t give it up.
She is really insulting about my family too, like if I do something she considers stupid, she’ll say something like “I bet your mom told you to do that, didn’t she?”
She also acts like she knows more about me than I do. Like, if I say, “I’m going to major in photography in college” she’ll say “Oh please, you are not. We ALL know that isn’t going to happen.”

She rolls her eyes at everything I say. She comes up with these crazy things about me that aren’t true, and then SHE tries to tell ME that they are! i.e. She thinks I like a guy, but I don’t, and she keeps saying “Stop lying EVERYONE can tell.” And that’s just embarrassing, because she says it around the guy. I mean, even though I DON’T have a crush on him, I still don’t want him hearing I do.
She’s just over all REALLY rude and annoying, and I am tired of her and her s**t. How do I get rid of her with out having a huge fight?
Clearly I don’t enjoy being ‘owned’ You seem to have missed the point of my question. I have told her to stop being rude, I’ve ignored her for weeks, she is still mean. And I have other friends who don’t treat me the way she does, so I don’t think that’s the problem. If I enjoyed being ‘owned’ I would get one of those controlling boyfriends, probably much like the kind you are. (note, you just tried to tell me what kind of person I am based on one Yahoo! question.)
Oh yeah, and I actually wasn’t friends with her for over a year due to a fight (where she called another one of my friends a fat *****, maybe that’s when the love left me) the only reason I am friends with her now is because she moved to my school, so I made up with her to avoid issues. It was supposed to be really casual, but she has made it like we’re supposed to be best friends. So in that year, I didn’t “turn the power to someone else”. Sorry, get your facts straight.

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tell dat bytch to go ordah some suc-a-dic chickun

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: How do I put up with this STUPID friend? (sorry it’s long)?”

  1. I went through the same thing, i had no idea what to do.
    First i started off by telling my friend i didnt like the way she was treating me.
    That didnt work so i tried plan B:
    I texted her and told her i didnt want to be her friend anymore and explained why.
    I ignored her texts, calls, presence etc.
    So sooner or later she just stopped trying and we both went our seperate ways.

  2. i had A friend just like that. tell her that you dont want to be friends. when she doesnt leave you alone, just dont talk to her. when she asks you whats wrong, just tell her that you told her you didnt want to be friends and that its not ur fault she didnt take you seriously.

  3. I had the same problem. There was this girl that was so annoying! she would hang around me and my other friends but we all hated her. One time we got in a fight and she started to cry in math class! we knew that if we flat out told her we didn’t want to be friends she’d cry or make us look bad. So we just made it fizzle out. don’t answer her texts or calls. if she wants to do somthing with you say your busy. if she wants to be your parner in class get a different partner. go sit at a new lunch table. just let it fade away. eventually she’ll get the message and forget about you.

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