Q&A: What constitutes a “lead” or “supporting” role in an acting resume?

Question by Jessie E: What constitutes a “lead” or “supporting” role in an acting resume?
I am 17 and I’m editing/updating my acting resume for college auditions. Something I feel the need to add, since some of the productions I’ve been in aren’t as well known as others, is distinguishing lead from supporting roles from ensemble/chorus roles. But I’m not sure on some of the roles.

For example:

Little Women (the musical) – Beth (lead/supporting)
Twelfth Night – Olivia (lead/supporting)
Little Shop of Horrors – Ronnette (supporting/ensemble)
The Princess Bride – Inigo Montoya (I’m guessing supporting?)

If you are familiar with any of these productions, please let me know which you think I should distinguish my role as on my resume, or if it’s even necessary at all.

Also, most of the productions I’ve been in have been at school (middle school and high school), so there’s no real theater company to add. Right now I just have “High school” or “Middle school” in the third column next to the roles. Should I add/replace it with the director’s name or say the institution name?

Thank you for your help! 🙂
I’ve seen it on sample resumes often so I assumed it was common.

Best answer:

Answer by Empty
My CV doesn’t state what sort of role it is (it’s unimportant). Do you have to put what sort of role it is? (It isn’t the norm).

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One thought on “Q&A: What constitutes a “lead” or “supporting” role in an acting resume?”

  1. You can trust the people who are reading your resume to be familiar with those plays and to know how big your role was. There’s no need for you to specify “lead” or “supporting.” (For any shows in which you played a chorus role or roles, not a named character, you can put “chorus” or “ensemble.”)

    Just list the name of the school in that third column.

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