Should I just let it go if someone is talking about me behind my back?

Question by Fuzzy Moo Moo: Should I just let it go if someone is talking about me behind my back?
So there’s this girl (Quinn) I went to elementary and middle school with. I was “friends” with her up until about 7th/8th grade, when I tried to break off our friendship because she was being rude to me for no reason. It wasn’t really a clean break and she continued to talk about me but still try to hang out with me, considering we had the same “friends”, who didn’t like her but didn’t have the heart to tell her to go away.

So now that we’re in high school [freshmen] one of my friends has told me that Quinn has been talking about me to her, saying how much she hates me and a lot of other stupid stuff, and it’s really pissing me off. The sad thing is that we’re in different high schools, so you’d think she’d forget about me, right? Well, she hasn’t. She’s still talking about me and I’m tired of it.

I tried to contact her on Facebook, so that she could call me and we could talk about why she doesn’t like me and resolve whatever we have but then Quinn got mad at my friend for telling me that Quinn had been talking about me and she showed my friend the message I sent her, basically telling my friend that she wasn’t going to call me or answer my calls.

I don’t know what to do. I want her to stop talking about me but there’s no way for me to contact her. Should I just let it go? She’s being incredibly immature and insecure and I don’t want to deal with stupid high school “drama.”
How am I contributing to it? o.o;
I’m not going to talk to her and like, call her out or anything. I just want to talk to her to find out why she doesn’t like me and so we can be friends or forget it each other. I sincerely want to figure this out.

I was already bullied in elementary school and I don’t want to be involved with it again.

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Answer by address man
For someone who doesn’t want to deal with all the high school drama you sure are contributing to it. Let it go.


You’re contributing to it by coming on here to ask what to do about it and by worrying about it. It’s nonsense and doesn’t matter. People talk smack all the time; PAY NO ATTENTION.

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3 thoughts on “Should I just let it go if someone is talking about me behind my back?”

  1. Typical gossip queen. They talk about EVERYBODY behind their backs, not just you. It’s best to just shun people like that completely. Just because she’s saying stuff about you doesn’t mean it’s true, does it? Surely other people can see the truth when they associate with you.

  2. This is one of the hardest things in the world to do, but as the bigger person, you should forget about it. :/

    When you retort and say something back, it shows that what she is saying is bothering you. But if you ignore it, she’ll grow up and shut her mouth. I’ve done this a billion times; people talk about me and I don’t even let it phase me; they just end up looking like idiots. So, please try and ignore it. Tell your friend who is relaying the messages not to do that anymore, because things like that only generate more issues.

    Good luck 🙂

  3. I think you should just let it go. If your friends tell you about it say “I don’t care.”

    If it keeps happening, then talk to her calmly about it.

    D; high school drama sucks doesn’t it?

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