Sized to increase promotional efforts to build “the Golden Week” – sized, chain, store – H

“Marriage boom” to bring a record

Sell “Medium and large electrical appliances and Paradise Electronics ’51’ 7 days to achieve total sales of 1.05 billion yuan, ’51’ day of every 0.13998 seconds to create an electrical sales records sold.” Sub Beijing Dazhong Electrical Appliance Jiayao Yong, general manager, said, as carried out carefully in advance

Plan And well prepared, especially since medium and large electrical appliances and Paradise merger in the Beijing region, medium and large electrical “51” seven-day sales made unexpected gains, so that as early as May 5 to complete the original task.

“51” Golden Week After that the annual

Air conditioning Season. Dazhong Electric decision, starting from May 8, Dazhong Electric Appliance in the “51” period of strong

Promotions Will continue, and air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and other refrigeration appliances, promotional efforts to ensure greater than the “Golden Week” period, effective to create a “post-Golden Week.”

“51” day of Beijing Dazhong Electrical Appliances in 0.13998 seconds to create each piece of electrical appliances sold an average of 8101.85 yuan per second achieved record sales.

Day 73 in Beijing Dazhong Electrical Appliance stores (including Paradise 7 stores) open 12 hours on average, a total of 308,607 sold electrical appliances, to achieve sales of 350 million yuan. In addition, medium and large electrical appliances also sold 130,000 during the Golden Week

Mobile , Which the unit price of more than 1,800 yuan mainly in high-end models, while last year’s “51” or to unit price of around 1,300 yuan mainly in low-end models.

Two percent of consumers shopping for the wedding

5 28 was today’s lucky date of marriage as a Dog, and the “51” is the last before the marriage orgasm big home appliance sales. Dazhong Electronics store in the consumer survey conducted showed that “51” On that day, about 20% of consumers to buy appliances for the wedding, wedding packages they buy spend an average of 32 000 / set, including the need for flat-panel TVs, refrigerator,

Washing machine , Air conditioning, fog machine, cooker and

Water heater And other electrical appliances. Dazhong Electronics store in the central tower of the 7600 document sales transactions, or even more than 35% of consumers are buying wedding packages.

Occupy more than half share of the color board air-conditioning

Despite the air conditioning manufacturers and distributors from the end of the Spring Festival began to vigorously promote the sale of air conditioning, but air conditioning sales have been tepid, until “May 1” has truly come. Dazhong Electric Appliance sales data reflect, “51” seven-day air-conditioning sales have accounted for 20% of the total sales, as with

TV Keep abreast of the sales category.

Jiayao Yong said, suggesting that the upcoming air conditioning season. Starting from the end of May, sales of share from the current air conditioning accounted for 20% to 30%.

After nearly six months strong promotion, color board air conditioning in this Golden Week, the outstanding performance, accounting for more than half of the entire air-conditioning sales, and after a month, color board air-conditioning is also only 30% of sales on hold. Jia Yaoyong analysis, “51” color plates during the large-scale air-conditioning sales and

Home improvement Closely related to the coming season; as consumers pay more attention to the appearance of the air-conditioning, new clothes and housing choice

Room Environment from air conditioning, color matching is rational.

Occupy 90% of the share of flat-panel TVs

Dazhong Electronics, “May 1” Golden Week sales showed strong after nearly two years of promotion, flat panel TVs have occupied the main axis of color TV market. “51” for seven days, medium and large flat-panel TV sales appliances have occupied 95% of overall TV sales, inventory, few under 21 inches, 29 inch color TV is also just as common flat-panel TV sales of gifts.

In the flat panel TV inside

LCD TV And Plasma TV

Equal distribution of the world situation has been broken, the sales ratio reached 5:3, LCD TV prevail.

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