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Johnny Depp vs old school actors?

Question by : Johnny Depp vs old school actors?
Old school oactors-Richard Gere,Harrison Ford,Anthony Hopkins,Robert de Niro,Al Pacino,
Some peoples says that Depp is most talented actor ever,yes he is talented but,now Im asking You,is He more talented than this “Old school” acting masters?

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Answer by Robert C
I admit he is a very good actor but
Depp is just flavor of the week

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Q&A: What’s a reputable acting talent agency in Los Angeles for novice actors trying to break in the biz?

Question by TwilghtThespian: What’s a reputable acting talent agency in Los Angeles for novice actors trying to break in the biz?
There are so many shady sites & people out there who are bogus and just want your money. Or “acting / modeling schools” that require beacoup bucks! I would love an answer from someone who is actually in the biz. I know the big agencies approach you and do not accept resume or headshot submissions. Help! Thanks!

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Answer by Brrr
Well, the top agencies for young people are CESD and Gersh, but I don’t know how old you are. I am a teen so those are the ones that I know of personally.

Hope this helps:)

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Where can I hire, or ask an actor to be my partner to audition for the Actors Studio?

Question by ℨẘαᾔ Qʊε℮ᾔ™: Where can I hire, or ask an actor to be my partner to audition for the Actors Studio?
I want to audition for membership but I need a scene partner.

I do not have any friends or family members who are interested, where can I hire or find an actor willing to do it?

I live in southern california and will be auditioning for membership in west hollywood.

Best answer:

Answer by Caitlin S
– Post an ad on Craigslist under Gigs -> Talent
– Post flyers at local imrov centers or community theatres
– Ask any waiter or barista you see; since you’re in SoCal chances are they’re stuggling actors 😉

Ask for resumes, and if you get a lot of responses, try to hold auditions/test rehearsals. Don’t just go for the first person who responds; this is your future, so you want to get the best person available.

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Famous Australian Actors

Australia is the home of many great actors. It has its own share of presence in Hollywood. Many such famous actors have brought fame and glory to this country. Some of the famous Australian actors are:

Cate Blanchett: Cate Blanchett was born in Melbourne on May 14, 1969. She completed her education in Melbourne and after her graduation from the National Institute of Dramatic Art, she started her career in theater. The role of Elizabeth I in the movie Elizabeth was her stepping stone to success and from thereon there was no looking back for her.

Mel Gibson: The heartthrob of millions of women around the world, Mel Gibson was born in New York on 3 January 1956. Since his mother was as Australian, Mel Gibson moved to New South Wales in Australia. He studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art and pursued his acting career. He went on to win an Oscar award for his performance in Braveheart in 1995.

Russell Crowe: Oscar Award winner Russell Crowe was born on 7 April 1964 in Wellington, New Zealand.

His family moved to Australia when he was 4 years old. But they were there for only about 10 years and they moved back to New Zealand. However, Russell came back to Australia to join National Institute of Dramatic Art. He started his acting career with television serials but his film Romper Stomper, which was released in 1992, made him a famous star. Not satisfied with the success in Australian films, Russell moved on to make a mark in American films and was equally successful there.

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