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Can someone help me find a list of acting studios in Miami,FL?

Question by bgrl: Can someone help me find a list of acting studios in Miami,FL?
I have searched online for “acting studios or classes”, but continue receiving the same (13) results or so. Most of the studios I find on the yellow pages are for children. If you’ve had any luck finding a list of good studios I would appreciate any leads to it. I’ve never had a hard time finding acting studios in a city such as Miami….so this is pretty weird…Thanks for reading my plea!

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Answer by newyorkgal71
Call the Theater Department of the Universities and ask them for names of Acting Studioes in Miami.

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Q&A: college “friends” questions? (please help)?

Question by runwithme.: college “friends” questions? (please help)?
Sorry this is long, but if you could help me I’d really really appreciate it.

There’s three people I know in college
who seem to like messing with my head.
In first semester I was friends with them, but after multiple rude acts from them and after feeling as if I were just being used, I stopped associating with them.

Now that second semester came along, two of them are in my class, and the other one I see a lot in the halls.
My college doesn’t have many people, and so I didn’t want to form any bad relationships here, but it happened and now I’m unsure of how to deal with it.

It really bothers me because they will act nice to my face, but it’s quite obvious that they viciously talk behind my back. Actually, they’ll have no problem talking about me even when I’m in the same room in a loud voice. They speak a different language, but they’ll throw my name in their a couple of times and the tone in their voice is definitely one of hatred.
I don’t really care if they say negative things about me since it’s just their opinions, but what I don’t like is how they will go on to act nice to my face as if they think I’m stupid enough to fall for that act again, and as if they can use me again.

I only talk to them when they talk to me, and I will try to be polite,
but it’s really really bothering me how they do this, when all I want to do is work hard in school, reach my goal, be able to give back to my parents, and have a nice environment where I can work together with other students.

And I even have proof that they are doing this, and that it isn’t just in my head because one of the person even said: “You know, our race (the three of these people I’m talking about is all not American, and is of a certain race) is good at psychologically manipulating people.”

What the f.

I should also mention that I don’t have many friends in school because I am kind of quiet…
although I don’t mind working alone,
but this whole thing is hindering me from being who I want to be because it’s making me feel negative all the time-which affects my relations with other people.

I need help.
Any wise advice would be appreciated,
and I do choose best answers.
Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry that this is such an immature problem,
but if you could help me deal with it maturely I would be very thankful.

Best answer:

Answer by puccapucca<3
As a college student, just focus on your studies. It’s not high school anymore, and you’ll risk nothing by not associating with them. Keep doing what you’re doing, there are nasty people out there and you know it. If they do anything physical, report it. They are not kids. If it is psychological, you have the power of defending yourself- don’t pay attention to them. They are not yours to worry about.

Good luck.

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Help a blockade is in the way of me becoming an Actress!!!?

Question by : Help a blockade is in the way of me becoming an Actress!!!?
My parents wont let me go to classes for acting and i really want to film act or at least have some experience before hand. I am 12 right now! I told my parents about this but they always say when u are done with college you go to an acting school you dont NEED experience! That is why there is an “acting” school to teach you. But i keep telling them I need basic training and at least some experience but they say who said that? i jst said tht it is required and they say no. I really want to be a film actress/actress but i know i need training but my parents dot think i am correct they jst think i will jst get in and poof i am performing on stage. Any Tips or websites that explain these tip of things, i just need my parents to get me into an acting school but they say after college. Tips Websites anything that could help my parents understand! Thxs if it helps i live in SF,CA. Also include wht i should be doing at the age of 12 in order to be a film actress, our school doesnt have drama class and we dont hve skool plays for some reason, we hve a stage but it is lyk a storage area for chairs.

Best answer:

Answer by Cogito
Well, you’re right and your parents are wrong on this one.
I’m the mother of an actor, and although I knew nothing about the business a few years ago, I certainly do now, and have seen for myself how it all works.

Drama schools are there to teach acting, sure, but they’re the equivalent to universities.
You wouldn’t expect to get a uni place to study medicine if you hadn’t already passes loads of exams in all the sciences first, would you?

To get a place at a drama school they would expect you to have taken school or independent classes for many years, and have quite a lot of experience doing school plays. Thousands of kids apply to these schools every year, and most of them will have been at classes and getting experience for many years, some since they were about 6. And they’re the ones who will get places – they don’t want total beginners.

As your school doesn’t offer anything you’d need to find a good stage school or acting group which performs plays and shows on a regular basis. Most towns have such things, and joining would be a really good idea.
But you definitely will need to get at least a few years of attending a good acting class to learn the basics between now and leaving high school.
And all actors have to be versatile – don’t say that you just want to ‘film act’. You’ll have to learn stage acting first, and once you’re trained would have to be ready to act on TV, commercials, movies, stage plays, educational stuff, corporate training – anything you can get.
Most actors only ever get 2 or 3 weeks’ paid acting work a year, so they wouldn’t ever turn down a good role, no matter where it was!

And that’s why you should work really hard at school and get plenty of qualifications. You’ll need a second ordinary job which you can do self-employed or free-lance to earn enough money to live on.
Talk to your parents – I hope they’ll understand now.
Good luck!

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Help Save Marriage – Get Your Act Together

You will need to get your act together to help save your marriage from crumbling. You don’t want to sit by and watch a precious marriage fall apart, a marriage that had to be very important to you at one time or another. It is very heartbreaking to watch a decent marriage crumble and two people start to grow apart and go their separate ways. If you don’t really want this to happen to you then you need to pull your act together and help save a marriage.

The first step to take is to take a step back and catch your breath, taking a break from the problem. You can easily get overly excited and not be able to think clearly. Take some time to cool down and you will have a clearer mind to plan what to do. It is just like being a kid in school when you were told to count to 10 and cool off. Get your temper under control first.

If something is said by your “nearly ex” that makes you mad, simply take some time to cool off before responding off the top of your mind.

Let your anger escape you and get control of your thinking. Once you can let go of the anger you can communicate better and take the next step to help save your marriage.

When you have conquered anger than you need to look at what is truly happening. In doing this make sure you look at things from different perspectives. Take a look at the big picture. Things may look bleak from where you are standing but when you step back and look at the whole situation from a new angle it may not look as bad. There could actually be a simple solution to help save your marriage. After looking at it from an outsider’s perspective or from the perspective of the one you love you may better discover how the marriage got out of control and a better way to help save marriage.

Go ahead and laugh at situations that seem to be funny.

You may actually find some humor at how some little things got blown out of proportion. In many situations in life you will look back and laugh. You might as well laugh at what you can with your marriage and don’t take yourself completely serious all the time. Not to make light of a sad situation, but many rough periods in life will look comical once you look back at them. Little things sometimes do seem to snowball out of control and it is hard to stop that from happening. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find humor in the little things that seemed so silly, the way they got out of control.

Once you have adjusted your attitude and seen things from a new perspective than you can catch your breath and move on. Once you can see that the marriage problems you have been having can be broken down into smaller manageable fragments you will understand that it isn’t as bad as it seemed and there is help to save your marriage. Now you can get things back on track.

What remains now is to find a way to improve the situation. If you were the one who got angry easily in the marriage or are responsible for the little things that get blown out of proportion than you should change the things you do. Once you improve the way situations are handled than things will generally fall into place and this will help save your marriage. You and your spouse deserve to give it a try so the two of you can stay together.

Mark D. Jordan is a writer and researcher from Pennsylvania. Even more ways to save marriage can be found at Getting Ex Back or Save My Marriage

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