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Can I add these on my acting resume…?

Question by Josh the Alien.: Can I add these on my acting resume…?
I’m a senior in high school. I’ve taken choir class (which was a way for my teacher to teach us how to use our voice/vocals, how to pronounce words correctly, how to enunciate, and how to use out diaphragm. Mostly for when we sung in front of people in our school music shows) and I’m taking drama class this year (Now we’re reading William Shakespeare books in front of the class like an actual plays and we act it out). Can I put these down on my resume underneath my “Education” content? Will it help, or no?

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Answer by classmate
Yes, singing class and drama class are exactly the sort of thing you include in the education section of your resume.

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Q&A: What constitutes a “lead” or “supporting” role in an acting resume?

Question by Jessie E: What constitutes a “lead” or “supporting” role in an acting resume?
I am 17 and I’m editing/updating my acting resume for college auditions. Something I feel the need to add, since some of the productions I’ve been in aren’t as well known as others, is distinguishing lead from supporting roles from ensemble/chorus roles. But I’m not sure on some of the roles.

For example:

Little Women (the musical) – Beth (lead/supporting)
Twelfth Night – Olivia (lead/supporting)
Little Shop of Horrors – Ronnette (supporting/ensemble)
The Princess Bride – Inigo Montoya (I’m guessing supporting?)

If you are familiar with any of these productions, please let me know which you think I should distinguish my role as on my resume, or if it’s even necessary at all.

Also, most of the productions I’ve been in have been at school (middle school and high school), so there’s no real theater company to add. Right now I just have “High school” or “Middle school” in the third column next to the roles. Should I add/replace it with the director’s name or say the institution name?

Thank you for your help! 🙂
I’ve seen it on sample resumes often so I assumed it was common.

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Answer by Empty
My CV doesn’t state what sort of role it is (it’s unimportant). Do you have to put what sort of role it is? (It isn’t the norm).

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Q&A: Can I put an acting workshop on my resume? Or does it have to be a “class” read details.?

Question by : Can I put an acting workshop on my resume? Or does it have to be a “class” read details.?
On most theatre websites the “classes” are more than one day, usually for like five saturdays. But if I take a “workshop” that technically is an acting class, but only for a couple of hours a day, can I put that on my resume?

Also, When you’re casted into a play or something, do I have to wait until we performed to put it on my resume, or can I put that project on as soon as I’m casted.


Best answer:

Answer by Theatre Doc
Professional workshops are training and go on resumes. You have to wait until the play is performed before putting it on the resume.

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How to Write a Resume That Gets Acting Auditions – 6 Success Tips

Being an actor just might be one of the coolest jobs on earth. But on the other hand, it is also one of the most competitive. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie, or a seasoned veteran actor, you need to have a great actor resume if you are going to beat out the competition.

Having an actor resume template can go a long way towards getting you that attention-getting resume.

1. One thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for an actor resume template, is that actor resumes tend to be very different from traditional resumes. In fact, many of the items you will put on an actor resume you would never put on a traditional resume. For example you might include your height, weight, eye color, and hair color.

While it would be inappropriate to include such information on a traditional resume, it is critical information for an actor resume template, because such information is essential when casting for a particular role.


Like every other resume, however, your acting resume should include a list of information about your past acting experience. Listing your acting work experience in a chronological fashion is a good way to present the information.

3. In addition to your acting experience, your actor resume template will require that you list any special accomplishments, or words that you have one. Listing your accomplishments and awards will make a huge difference in helping you land a role that you want.

4. A great way to list all of your experience and accomplishments on your resume is with bullet points. Bullet points to draw a readers guide to the most critical elements of your resume and can really help your resume to stand out.


Of course, just like in a traditional resume, you should list all of your training and education. If you have a training in acting if you really help to differentiate you from your competitors. Definitely include any special training you have had to help with your acting. This is particularly true if you have invested in acting lessons or training.

6. For most people, your acting resume should never exceed one-page in length. The only exception to this rule would be if you have extensive experience or training. However, even if this is the case, you might consider leaving off older or minor roles in order to make other information more prominent.

The bottom-line is this, just like every resume, an actor resume has to sell your ability to a potential employer. With that in mind, put your very best foot forward in your actor resume.

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