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I put a “U.S. Military Out of Our Schools” Bumper Sticker on my Car and my Window was smashed?

Question by F u c k Most Republicans: I put a “U.S. Military Out of Our Schools” Bumper Sticker on my Car and my Window was smashed?
I dont live in a safe neighborhood, coincidence, or just a random act of vandalism

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Answer by Mr. Methane
Move out of Berekely.


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To those who got into the “elite schools”…?

Question by Amber: To those who got into the “elite schools”…?
Hey everyone,
I’m wrapping up my high school career and the next thing on my imaginary to-do list is: Apply to college.

I’m a junior and i’ll be graduating in June 2013, but I understand that I should begin to compose my college apps this summer. There are a couple of schools that I would really love to attend, but that’s only possible if i get in.
I would really appreciate it if someone who DID get into the so-called “elite schools” would review my tentative application and give me a approximate idea of what my chances are and where I should focus on getting into:


1) SAT I: 2300

2) SAT II: Biology (E/M) 790, Math I 770, Math II 780, Chemistry 790, US History 800.

3) ACT: 35

4) GPA: 4.466 (weighted with AP Classes)

5) Rank: 1/790

6) AP Exams: Human Geography (3), US History (5). Tentative scores for May 2012 tests: AP Biology (5), AP Macroeconomics (4), AP English Language (5), AP Government (5)

7) I’ve taken the hardest possible courses available in my high school

8) Senior Year Course Load (Tentative): AP Calculus BC, AP Lit, AP Physics, AP Chem, AP Stats.

9) 5 years of math in high school, 3 years of Spanish, dual enrolled in Human Anatomy @ University of Michigan, took a college class (chemistry) on my own last summer.

10) Major Accomplishments: Math and Science Olympiad Champion (2012), Debate speaker award (2011), Debate 2nd place (2010), Quiz Bowl 2nd Place (2010, 2011), FIRST Robotics State Champions (2010), FIRST Robotics World Championships (Attended 2010), Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (Violin, 1st chair), Presidential Volunteer Service Award, AP Scholar with Distinction, traveling around Europe with my orchestra, several local violin scholarships, local writing scholarships


1) Summer Activities: Nano Camp, University of Michigan Medical Camp, Student Leadership Conference, self-study college classes, working on 2 undergraduate research papers with a professor from U-M ( 1 of them is set to be published in a scientific journal through NSF in fall 2012 )
2) Location: Michigan, USA
3) Ethnicity: Asian (Indian)
4) Household Income: Less than 100,000
5) First Generation College Student
6) Female
7) ~300 hours of total volunteer service (Hospitals, Tutoring Centers, Habitat for Humanity, Soup Kitchen, in foreign countries)
8) Varsity Debate Captain, Varsity Quiz Bowl Captain, Vice President of a local Youth United Committee (through Habitat for Humanity), Member of Student Council, Assistant Instructor in my Karate dojo.
9) My high school is a public school with too many competitive, overachieving students.
10) Black belt in Karate
11) I’m pretty sure i’ll get a glowing counselor rec (according to what he told me), and pretty good teacher recs.
12) i’m pretty decent at writing essays as well.

^SO, those are my stats. In my school, they dont offer an orchestra program or very many science/math type of things, so i’ve had to achieve most of those myself.

Because of my involvement with Habitat for Humanity since 2010, i’ve realized that my passion lies with the underrepresented and under served populations. I’ve volunteered extensively in a clinic that provides services solely for under-served and disadvantaged peoples in Flint, MI in addition to traveling to Bangladesh and volunteering in a kidney dialysis center during the summer of 2011. The privilege of getting to experience working with the people that society shrugs away truly inspired me to try to make a difference for those people when I get older. Therefore, I really want to pursue an education in the medical field and establish a non-profit clinic in a underrep. country, similar to the kidney dialysis clinic that i volunteered in last summer. I honestly believe that providing for these under served individuals should not be regarded as a “necessity” or “obligation” but as something that we should be happy and willing to do since these are our people who are suffering in a completely unfair “class system”.

By going to a prestigious school, I feel like I’ll get the tools necessary to achieve my goals. Also, ive been conducting animal biology research with a biology professor at the University of Michigan, and having a state-of-the-art facility to research in would also be a major dream of mine.

I know this post is incrediblyyy long, but if you’ve sat through the whole thing then I’d really appreciate it if you would weigh my chances of what school I have a shot at. Some schools in mind is the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, and Princeton.
Thanks so much 🙂

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Answer by Marshall
God…you must be so smart

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Are Traditional Schools Doomed?

Traditional brick and mortar schools are doomed. There is a better way, and that better way is online schools. While I know that some will argue that online education lacks that “personal” touch, and inspiration that only a gifted teacher can give, I think those people are underestimating how closely an online teacher can interact with students. These online teachers get to know their students extremely well. There are no distractions from discipline, crowd control, appearance, nationality, or social class. In short, online teachers focus like lasers on the student’s mind, and performance.

I just enrolled my step-daughter in an online high school. She was prepared to drop out of high school. The high school that she was attending had about 3000 students. It was so huge that when I peered down the hallways, I could barely see the opposite end of the hall.

She was anonymous. She was a brick in the wall: a statistic. My daughter’s personal dilemma at her public school began when she started making the honor roll. She is not dumb. Not that grades in these public schools mean that much. Grade inflation has affected most schools, and is a well known problem. She made the honor roll, and them failed the state exams. Her dilemma was that she had gotten everything that she could from her public school, and that was simply not enough.

The crux of the issue, as I see it, has to do with the traditional classroom, and a misguided attempt to correct achievement problems with draconian testing regimes. “No child left behind” is not the answer. The answer is a structured and programmed instruction that allows each student to learn at his/her own pace in each subject.

These instructions should be self paced, and advancement from one lesson to the next should not happen until the student masters the element that he/she is working on. Every student is unique and has individual learning speeds in different subjects.

“No child left behind” is an all or nothing barrier to advancement through the grades and to a diploma. Being held back a full grade is extremely demoralizing for a student. My daughter was held back twice prior to high school. Her early failures occurred because of her English. She is Vietnamese, and was behind native English speakers when she started school here. These discouragements come with a huge cost to students. Her friends left her behind. She had to repeat areas that she had already mastered. School immediately became a drudge. She was older than her new classmates, and began to appear “out of place”. Being out of place in public school is the kiss of death due to the social pressures that adolescents and children put upon each other.

“No child left behind” has exacerbated racial, and social divisions. It has become a method of sorting students into success and failure categories based on their backgrounds. Those who claim that every child has an “equal chance” to pass or to fail those exams are not seeing the elephant in the room. Factors outside of the classroom have massive effects on learning, and school performance.

I chose an online school that fit my situation. Everyone should shop around. The shopping is not easy, however. It was confusing for me. There are more than 200 distance learning schools to choose from. Some are fakes that give diplomas with no studying. Don’t waste your money on those. I chose a medium priced private online school. It has a strong curriculum, and good accreditation. I did not choose an online school that was hooked to the public school system because the “no child left behind” testing would still be required. I don’t have a “cookie cutter” child. She is creative, and finds her own ways forward.

The school I chose was National High School. Take care in choosing a good school that is right for your situation. Ed Desmond

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Importance of Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools are a unique combination of academics and powerful therapeutic techniques to help students required additional supports in an academic environment. Students are normally required to stay a whole academic year to regain a control of their problems. Scientific studies have shown that students show steadfast improvement after finishing the therapeutic program.

Superiority of Therapeutic Boarding Schools

A Therapeutic boarding school is efficient and well-organized with specified times for meals, therapy, classes, home work, outings, and exercise. Students are placed under the able eye of the staff and receive their guidance throughout the day. These schools are often situated close to nature. Hence, they are apt in providing students with fun things to do such as hiking, camping, trekking and swimming.

Another aspect can be experiential therapy which involves learning by experience. Children are required to work with animals such as horses, dogs, cats and rabbits. These help distressed teenagers to connect themselves with the ideas of caring, nurturing and loving. Art, drama and music provide student with a chance to vent their piled up emotions. Certain therapeutic boarding schools empower students with techniques instrumental to calming. These include deep breathing exercises, yoga and visualization.

Eligibility for Admission

The most commonly seen admissions are by those who face substance abuse problems. The school helps by providing a new alcohol and drug free environment. New friends and peers instill a sense of confidence. In such schools, students master a variety of techniques to conquer bad habits. They also learn how to deal with relapses when they reach their original homes. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCN), bipolar affective disorder, anxiety are a few problems dealt with at an alternative high school. Other behavioural problems include anger management, removing negative effects of divorce and separation in children. An alternative school also helps to learn skills such as the art of controlling moods, improved anxiety coping methods and so on. If your loved on is on the verge of giving up, enroll for an admission at a therapeutic boarding school and start the healing process now.

Jeff Waplak is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at http://stevensonwaplak.com to know more about depression treatment and foster care.


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