To the brands “separation” to the brand of “movement” of rebirth

Powerful combination may not be able to create a stronger business

Key is to operate effectively in the “family style” management

A breakdown of the brand, the brand of “movement” to get life

The field of sports shoes as the two leader, Adidas (Adidas) announced 3.8 billion acquisition of Reebok (Reebok) of the message, give us too many associations.

Factors from a single market analysis, Adidas, “married” Reebok will be a win-win situation (following the merger news, the stock market’s positive reaction was the best witness): view from the marketing area, Adi Das in Europe and Asia a lot stronger market share, while the Reebok in the United States some of the meaning of hegemony; from marketing properties to see, Adidas is more focused on the real athletes and sports professionals, while Reebok is more associated with fashion and music for young people who love sports shoes and sports culture.

The combination seems to be the perfect marriage.

However, by professional sports and love sports dislocation between the market segmentation method, it seems that it can not really prevent conflicts that may arise between the two companies operating in the need for “family style” managed effectively.

The brand “movement” up

The author believes that a strong brand fancy another strong brand, nothing there are three possibilities: One is the orientation between the two groups in the implementation of consumer brand marketing dislocation, such as high-, mid-range products or similar products of different specifications, so can be mutually supportive and harmonious coexistence; the other two brand itself is the same product attributes, and similar consumer groups, businesses tit for tat conflict between the emergence of hope kill another brand; is also possible that combination of the two brands, nurturing a new brand, such as Dongfeng Motor and Nissan Motor co-operation, Sony and Ericsson.

The brand effect is like the author advocated “black ants rule” generally: a walk in the black ants, if we truncated the last face one, in front of the team will continue to tidy walking; if the middle of a truncated , in front of the still neat, and running around the back of it; if a truncated top, the whole team is like a pan fried, like mess.

The effect of the brand is true, many domestic brands overnight crashing down, because withstood the key blow, behind the chain link is simply not on. Therefore, entrepreneurs seek to foster multi-brand strategy as a means to avoid the risk of one company.

In fact, the brand campaign together, is effective management of business operations means of the brand. Our entrepreneurs are doing brand management often a line drawn to the brand, a brand can only be targeted at high-end products, but market segmentation and limited consumer demand, the market often do not. The total profit of the high-end brands do not go up there will be something low-end market, the end result of the brand value plummeted, the loss of loyal customers, more harm than good.

Younger shirt could have been led to do, and later developed into a suit and casual wear. As the plethora of domestic shirt brand, shirt Youngor in shaping the professional brand, out of a nice step, many people to wear shirts for the glory of Youngor brand may have lost market share was too small for Younger lonely, expanding product lines, a single shirt on the market, priced from hundreds to a thousand dollars more than a thousand specifications ranging reached, although recruited a large number of low-end consumers, but the loss of many high-end consumers. Also occupy all of the clothing market, large, Shanshan has adopted another new path, a professional suit maker, Firs To avoid loss of brand value, take a brand incubator project, has hatched more than 10 brands, the same occupied a considerable market share, while the value of Shanshan itself did not cause any harm.

To the brand “separation”

Marriage of two strong brands, if not for the integration phase, the two-brand harmony is difficult to achieve the best acquisition and merger of those expectations. Adidas and Reebok

integration, in fact, there is a hierarchy at all: the adoption of the global, regional market segmentation, Adidas to consolidate in Europe and Asia market advantage, while Reebok consolidation in the U.S. unique advantages into full play in the regional market, both in the consumer impact of the different groups; In addition, the demands on the brand, Adidas strengthen competition in professional sports reputation and loyalty, participation in sporting events, to global sports brand consumers “King” and sports brand “specialized households” concept, but Reebok intensify as the sports and sports enthusiasts of the brand personality, to sports, music and fashion together for the good move, so cool, young family to create cutting-edge cultural values.

Obviously, with the corporate brand to be more accurate positioning of its various brands. You are located in the low-end or high-end, you are located in the children or young or old … … the seller is concerned, a brand positioning is to give consumers a clear reason to buy it; while the competitors, the for their own business and product brand positioning, it can prevail in the competition.

A clear brand positioning accuracy is a business strategy, the brand can do that can not do, be clear, and to adhere to resist the temptation of some great, by the set of brand positioning strategy to operations. Multi-brand management and segmentation than the most successful P & G, a unit of H & S, Rejoice, Pantene and other brands, one in the shampoo market, on the scraps of the Head & Shoulders, Rejoice and Pantene’s Compliant “Nutrition, health shiny hair” feature each segment, and a unique breakdown of the concept of the occupiers, the breakdown of other products are just “people do marry for her clothes.” Similarly, the automobile industry, Volvo is defined as “the world’s safest car”, for the car, this is what a enviable position to BMW’s strength, from the technical to create “the safest car” is not impossible, but BMW is well aware of is worth the move, then put the temptation to continue occupying its traditional strengths orientation “driving pleasure.”

In fact, if and competitors with the same brand positioning, you could never hope to transcend it, should go to its opposite, put up the banner of your brand. This is the most typical is Pepsi. Coca-Cola consumers for most of the situation of adults, they will be Pepsi

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