To those who got into the “elite schools”…?

Question by Amber: To those who got into the “elite schools”…?
Hey everyone,
I’m wrapping up my high school career and the next thing on my imaginary to-do list is: Apply to college.

I’m a junior and i’ll be graduating in June 2013, but I understand that I should begin to compose my college apps this summer. There are a couple of schools that I would really love to attend, but that’s only possible if i get in.
I would really appreciate it if someone who DID get into the so-called “elite schools” would review my tentative application and give me a approximate idea of what my chances are and where I should focus on getting into:


1) SAT I: 2300

2) SAT II: Biology (E/M) 790, Math I 770, Math II 780, Chemistry 790, US History 800.

3) ACT: 35

4) GPA: 4.466 (weighted with AP Classes)

5) Rank: 1/790

6) AP Exams: Human Geography (3), US History (5). Tentative scores for May 2012 tests: AP Biology (5), AP Macroeconomics (4), AP English Language (5), AP Government (5)

7) I’ve taken the hardest possible courses available in my high school

8) Senior Year Course Load (Tentative): AP Calculus BC, AP Lit, AP Physics, AP Chem, AP Stats.

9) 5 years of math in high school, 3 years of Spanish, dual enrolled in Human Anatomy @ University of Michigan, took a college class (chemistry) on my own last summer.

10) Major Accomplishments: Math and Science Olympiad Champion (2012), Debate speaker award (2011), Debate 2nd place (2010), Quiz Bowl 2nd Place (2010, 2011), FIRST Robotics State Champions (2010), FIRST Robotics World Championships (Attended 2010), Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (Violin, 1st chair), Presidential Volunteer Service Award, AP Scholar with Distinction, traveling around Europe with my orchestra, several local violin scholarships, local writing scholarships


1) Summer Activities: Nano Camp, University of Michigan Medical Camp, Student Leadership Conference, self-study college classes, working on 2 undergraduate research papers with a professor from U-M ( 1 of them is set to be published in a scientific journal through NSF in fall 2012 )
2) Location: Michigan, USA
3) Ethnicity: Asian (Indian)
4) Household Income: Less than 100,000
5) First Generation College Student
6) Female
7) ~300 hours of total volunteer service (Hospitals, Tutoring Centers, Habitat for Humanity, Soup Kitchen, in foreign countries)
8) Varsity Debate Captain, Varsity Quiz Bowl Captain, Vice President of a local Youth United Committee (through Habitat for Humanity), Member of Student Council, Assistant Instructor in my Karate dojo.
9) My high school is a public school with too many competitive, overachieving students.
10) Black belt in Karate
11) I’m pretty sure i’ll get a glowing counselor rec (according to what he told me), and pretty good teacher recs.
12) i’m pretty decent at writing essays as well.

^SO, those are my stats. In my school, they dont offer an orchestra program or very many science/math type of things, so i’ve had to achieve most of those myself.

Because of my involvement with Habitat for Humanity since 2010, i’ve realized that my passion lies with the underrepresented and under served populations. I’ve volunteered extensively in a clinic that provides services solely for under-served and disadvantaged peoples in Flint, MI in addition to traveling to Bangladesh and volunteering in a kidney dialysis center during the summer of 2011. The privilege of getting to experience working with the people that society shrugs away truly inspired me to try to make a difference for those people when I get older. Therefore, I really want to pursue an education in the medical field and establish a non-profit clinic in a underrep. country, similar to the kidney dialysis clinic that i volunteered in last summer. I honestly believe that providing for these under served individuals should not be regarded as a “necessity” or “obligation” but as something that we should be happy and willing to do since these are our people who are suffering in a completely unfair “class system”.

By going to a prestigious school, I feel like I’ll get the tools necessary to achieve my goals. Also, ive been conducting animal biology research with a biology professor at the University of Michigan, and having a state-of-the-art facility to research in would also be a major dream of mine.

I know this post is incrediblyyy long, but if you’ve sat through the whole thing then I’d really appreciate it if you would weigh my chances of what school I have a shot at. Some schools in mind is the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, and Princeton.
Thanks so much 🙂

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Answer by Marshall
God…you must be so smart

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4 thoughts on “To those who got into the “elite schools”…?”

  1. That’s pretty impressive, my dear. That’s a resume that a lot of people would kill for. Don’t worry too much about college. Ivy League Colleges all over the country will be banging down your door begging for you to come to their college.

    Plus, with all of your high math and science grades (and the fact that you’re female!), MIT would definitely be interested, which is a very hard college to impress. You’re doing fine. Keep up the good work and good luck.

  2. You don’t want to hear this but…

    When it comes to Ivy League schools and schools of the same caliber (such as MIT), NOBODY has a good chance of admission. Most of these schools have an acceptance rate between 6% and 10%. They reject people with 4.0 GPAs and 2400 SATs, and they see countless amounts of them every year. Your stats alone aren’t going to get you into one of those schools, because unless you’ve done something amazing and unique, you will not stand out. A lot of people play instruments, are founders or presidents of numerous clubs, have done large amounts of volunteer work, and have competed in various competitions.

    When it comes to applying to top schools, the only thing you can do is apply and cross your fingers. Posting questions asking for your chances at those schools is useless. The only thing it does is put your information out for everybody to see, and give you false hope when someone says “oh you’ll definitely get in!” Don’t waste your time.

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