What is truly the best way to become a successful actor? What steps should you take?

Question by : What is truly the best way to become a successful actor? What steps should you take?
By actor I mean large roles in television/movies. I know I have the look and talent (though I’ve never been in “acting school” or performing groups), and I will soon have the money needed to move to LA/NY if necessary. But where do I start? How can I get an agent that works with the “big guys”? And should I model first to get my foot in the door? Because I have been contacted by IMG/FORD for modeling, but my dream is to be an actual actor.

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One of the words I’m sure you’ve already heard is “exposure”. Modeling serves two purposes. Making money and being seen under the best circumstances. I’m sure you also know the importance of getting a good agent.
They are privy to contacts you can only think about. If you are set on being a serious actor, New York is the best place to live. There are many,many places to be seen and also to make personal contacts. Get involved in some small theatres for on the job experience. It’s not uncommon for established actors to attend the small theatre performances. Be very careful about the portfolio you will take with you on auditions. There are a lot of people out there will charge a ridiculous amount of money and not do a very good job. It’s your career so you need to be super critical. If this sounds like a business-it is. That is why they call it show business. But-the reward of being on stage and following in the steps of Al Pacino or Dustin Hoffman is so much greater than selling a typewriter. I envy you just beginning in this profession.

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  1. Bah.. I dont even know where to begin. if you come to la.. we sell this pink book that has list of agencies. Modeling is not a bad place to start especially with Ford. Get a portfolio done. You NEED acting experience. Go sign up at lacasting.com or actorsaccess.com and start auditioning. Go to an acting studio and learn some acting. Try to get in to SAG as fast as possible. Get yourself a reputable mananger. Its highly unlikely that you will get into CAA or William Morris but there are many other great agencies. Also, don’t despair! It takes people many years to land their first audition. You will be lucky if you land a role within 3 years. There are many great looking guys and girls in Hollywood but what seperates them from the stars are… #1. acting skills #2. connections #3. luck. get out there and do your thing. In this industry, you have no time to despair. just keep on going forward.

  2. Okay, you defined actor for us, now what do you mean by successful? Did you know that some actors you’ve seen a thousand times but never learned their names are actually more successful than “well-known” actors? Success in this case meaning making way more money. If, on the other hand, you mean being a popular fixture on all the talk shows, being stalked by paparazzi and having slanderous lies spread about you in all the tabloids, that would require a whole different set of criteria. So what exactly DO you mean by successful?

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