What should I do about college classes?

Question by lorraineeee: What should I do about college classes?
I’ll be starting college in the fall as a freshman. I’m not sure if I’m ready though. My whole life people have put me down, called me a nobody and have said that I won’t make it through life. I’m attending community college, which to me isn’t a big deal, but to my family it is. Both my older siblings attended good universities and were positive on what they were going to study. Being the youngest in the family I feel that no one really expects much from me. Everytime I get asked “what are you studying in college” my reply is always “I don’t know”. For some reason my heart is telling me to take a few drama classes, even though I was never part of a drama club/class in middle school or h.s. Ever since I was little I had the earge to just try out for plays or just put on a show for my family. But with parents like mine they would’ve found it silly. This may sound weird but I’ve been getting random signs about acting and that I should just try it out, no matter what anyone says. I’m just not sure, so it would be nice hearing some of people’s thoughts and opinions.


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Answer by kirstenallise
freek what ppl say. i thought the same thing so i didnt start till like the winter quarter. then when i got in and got settled it was pure fun.

you wont ever know til you try,. Dont be scared of anything. everyone has to do it once. If not you will be a hobo.

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2 thoughts on “What should I do about college classes?”

  1. just do what you wanna do, and tell everybody else to screw themselves.
    as long you finish school, cause what’s the point of starting if you can’t finish.

  2. The best advice I could give you is to follow your passion. If you want to go into drama, by all means do it! Don’t let your past or what people have said about you be a barrier.

    It is important to get a degree in something that you know you will enjoy once you get into the real world!

    If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

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