Where could i audition to be an actor for horror movies?

Question by : Where could i audition to be an actor for horror movies?
im great at acting and i love mid-evil Vampire stuff but i have a dream to be an actor for fantasy and even horror movies but most of all mid-evil time based movies so where could i start? p.s. Collage not an option i am poor with dead beat poor family and i want to make better life for myself.

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Answer by R K
you will need to be located where the acting opportunities are located, get training, learn how to work in front of a camera and how to audition,get a theatrical agent and wait for auditions for those type of films to come up. you will need a regular job to support yourself while you do this.

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23 thoughts on “Where could i audition to be an actor for horror movies?”

  1. um yeah but every actor who loves to act, probably, only wants to act and not have two other jobs, so to make a living you go where the money is an it’s not in shorts or commercials

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  3. i just like to act its not a job because u never no when ur going get work or u can get replaced or fired anyday i think if ppl stop trying so hard being hollywood doesnt mean ur a n actress just means Your famous if u want to be a celeb than do drugs , make sex tape n diss other actors! but but if you want to be an actor just study and pratice get role as in low budget movies thats still acting ! commericals &short films(: you dont need an oscar! acting is acting not being in hollywood!(:

  4. yeah and instead hollywood is now being infested by homely looking and untalented superstars like lautner and Pattinson. What has this world come to?

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