Why do people at my school want me soobad to act “black”?

Question by angelica: Why do people at my school want me soobad to act “black”?
this all started when I was at middle school, but first off I’m myah, 15, nationality argentinian,race: black and spanish. So I took my looks fro my black mom, but I’m lighter and my features are waterddown. So ammyway I’ve been through a lot my whole life. So in middle school I was quiete girl and I was new too. At first I had no frends but 2 weeks later I had frends. So me and the popular girl never got along and her ex liked me. (He was blonde blue eyes) peple teased him about it cuz I was black then she(popluar girl) found out I had extentions(weeve) went atound telling people like I had a horrible deasese and called me fake, so then all the guys who liked me stopped becuz I had a weeve:(.The next year I had more frends but then they changed and would adk me why I wasn’t ghetto or acted black enough and they would say” I hate n ig g ers ” to my face.so highschool comes and I grew to be more pretty and stuff. So when I wud say what I’m mixed whith people wud say” but ur still just black” and I’m like….ok ya but.So then I was at school and my frend was acting ghetto and I said dude ur acting ghetoo and she said well at” least I don’t have a weeve” and I said that’s not ghetto and she said yes it is and I said white people have weeves and she said” no those are extensions that’s different” I’m just tired of people doing this to me.

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Its sad its people like that that make me hate my white side. All the kids at my private school are hispanic and half white but they think there white. Also a lot of times peopel ask if I have any hair cuz I have a weeve. I’m tired of people snapping there fingers at me saying act black. Also this makes me sadand today the weeve thing brought back somany memories I criedand left. Why me?

Please no trolls and sorry if my wrtiting is bad lol I’m on my phone ans its missing keys

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Answer by Damon
Life is unfair. Once you get out of high school you will realize that nothing these people say matters.

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